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Useless Mutters


Kathy Mullins Dingus


How are you , my dear (you politely inquire)
And I so politely respond
I'm just fine, darling, how are the kids
We just gush and chat and go on...

Do we ever really care what we ask of another?
Or is it merely our voices a'chatter
We ask useless questions, and respond just as well
Oh, really now, what does it matter?

The children are well, dog is just fine
maid has been fired, car's just a grind
The cat is so lost, carpet needs cleaned,
silver needs polish, that lawn is soooo green.
The table needs setting, clothes need their washing
Baby needs bathing, that fly needs a'swatting.

I just can't believe that my life is so busy
I'm traveling so fast, my head is just spinning
Maybe I'll just spin right on out into outermost space
Where I can look down at this world's dizzying pace
And smile just a bit, with an impish sputter,
Does it really, really matter, all these polite mutters?

Slow down, smell the roses, enjoy life as you please
For the times are a changing, just a fast as a breeze.
We have the power to make all things really matter
To listen and listen to all wondorous chatter
And consider ourselves much loved.

Author's Comments:
"We should listen to each other more often, through good times and bad, through laughter and pain...."