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Trunk Full of Treasures


Kathy Dingus


I was packing things away today
But didnít get much done
Memories did stop me
From each item I picked up.

A walking shoe of my firstborn
I remember when they were bought
He wore them to bed that night
Didnít want to take them off.

A painted handprint laminated
Received as a Motherís Day gift
From my little baby girl
Best present I could get

Report cards, and books of poems
One by one I packed away
Treasures from their childhood
Handmade cards from the holidays.

Arrowheads, and beer steins,
Tin cup and a pipe
That were my Fatherís favorites
I could have looked all night.

Grandmaís apron and tintype
A spoon from my Ma
Were packed away so reverently
In a trunk restored by Pa.

I got to really thinkiní
About what we hold dear
Our fortune isnít gold or silver
Down my face, there falls a tear.

These tears are not sad tears
For Iím as rich as I can be
Iíve given love and love received
To last through eternity.