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May you be blessed, and never forget that you are most precious and greatly loved by Him.

Enjoy reading the articles that I have written here and discover the freedom that I have found, along with my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

Above all…spread the Good News!

This has been a true labor of love for several years. It has not come easy, nor has it been especially difficult. It's just been a journey of discovery into my own devotional path toward Jesus.

I'm ashamed to admit that for many years after my conversion and baptism, I did not really realize that Jesus actually was alive inside of me, and was just waiting for me to begin a love relationship with Him.

I treated Him as an object to be placed upon a shelf and only to be taken down when I needed Him to perform a special miracle or task for me! Kind of like Aladdin's lamp, rub it, shine it and make a wish on it, and you're certain to get what you ask for.

I thank God that I no longer feel that way. I pray constantly and am in constant contact with my Savior all day long. He is in the car with me as I go to work, He's at my desk all day as I struggle through the process of making a living for my family. He's also there with my children and husband while they are at school and work. He's with my Mother while she is at home, caring for my children and the rest of my family, constantly encouraging them to follow Him.

Thank You, Jesus, for your sacrifice on my behalf. I realize that without You, life would not be worth living. You are the true Hope, true Life, the true Way.

Thank You for being so patient with me all of those years when I was so selfish and just had to do things my way.

Thank You for calling and drawing my precious children to You. They are Yours now, and I’m just borrowing them for a little while.

Thank You for making me Your servant, You who serves most. I am most honored.

Thank You for Your spiritual gifts and empowering me to use them for Your glory.

Thank You for the many wonderful close friends You've placed in my path to encourage me, and thank You for those you've also placed in my path to for me to encourage.

Thank You for giving me the best parents a child could ever have hoped for on this earth! Thank You for giving me a husband who is full of mercy and love.

If I may borrow the beautiful words to one of my most beloved hymns "You are the apple of my eye, and I hunger and thirst for You as a deer thirsts for water."

I love You, Lord! I am your daughter, Your servant and Your most wayward of sinners, although redeemed!

Praise You, Jesus!