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To Daddy

Kathy Dingus





Your face is carved with lines of permanent dignity,

handsome rugged features,

portraying a silent longing for the unconquered,

untried, untamed.

Your hands are rough, expressive and gentle.

They are agile and flexible for delicate photography

yet strong and unyielding

for the demands of stone masonry.

On top of your head is perched a black captain's hat,

covering your eye is a rakishly worn black leather eye-patch

that appears to hide more

than just the eye it covers.

Your voice speaks words of wisdom and peace,

a voice of steel, yet somehow tempered

with gentleness and a deep genuine feeling of love

for those to whom you speak.

The love you feel for your family

is as a mountain in the midst of a violent storm,

an unyielding force with roots firmly implanted in the soil,

outlasting any foreign attack upon it.

Your body longs to be in those mountains, where you were born.

My body longs to be there also.

I am of your blood,

I am strong,

I am loved.

You are missed.