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Time Catchers


Kathy Mullins Dingus


Do you know how to stop time, my friend
If you do, then tell me how
I think I've found the secret
I'll tell it to you now

I have time saved I do, it's true
Although you may not believe
That such a thing could happen
I'll show you, and you'll see

Let me get my seconds stored
You can hold them one by one
Each little moment captured
For generations yet to come

My father took great pictures
Of nearly everyone & everything
The places we visited, reunions held
Old homes, kids and honeybees

Now when you look at pictures
Tell me just what do you see
Aren't they just frozen moments
I think that you'll agree

Next time you aim a camera
And snap a scene to save
Think about who'll catch your time
In your past memories, bathe.

Author's Comments:
"I look at the pictures of my great, great grandparents, and wonder about their life..."

© 2004