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Special Effects


Kathy Dingus


I went out last night.
It was to be a fun evening,
light-hearted and enjoyable.
While making my preparations to look stunning,
I was indeed stunned when I looked into the mirror.
Who is this person staring back at me?
Surely someone is playing a joke?
I donít have these little lines around my eyes,
nor hairs on my chin.
Surely my face is smooth and firm,
with no wrinkles to be found.
This person in the mirror is a liar!
My lips, so plump and perfectly shaped
havenít creased and flattened like this image
I see staring back at me.
Surely not, there is just no way,
that in a few years time
I could have really changed this much.
Well, nowÖmaybe itís been more than a few years
since I have really cared, or bothered to take a
cold, hard look at myself to see all of the ravages of time.
I put my mirror down, and sink onto the
edge of the bed in utter dejection.
My husband walks in, gives me a wink,
and pinches my tush
and tells me I look ravishing.
I peek once again into the mirror,
and found out that he is a very wise man.

Author's Comments:
"To all the men who love women, please tell them, and better yet, show them. It takes years off of our faces..."

© 2004