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Saved By The Bell

Kathy Dingus


I bumped into you today and you didnít even know me
How close we once were, almost came too close to the fire.
You said I was too young and immature for a relationship.
Itís been years since Iíve seen you, not since we said goodbye.
I know you didnít expect me to look as I do now.

This wheelchair makes people tend to look away and not at me
My legs arenít as they used to be, so strong and young and graceful
Not to speak of my new figure, itís much larger than way back then.
I think of the long walks in the woods, and the dancing we used to do.
I don't stand as tall and proud as you once loved me to be.
There's no long, flowing hair that you used to run your hands through.

Time can ravage the memory, has it ravaged yours or mine?
My heart wants to tell you, that itís still me, here deep inside.
But I bumped into you today and you didnít even know me.
When I told you my name, and who I wasÖ
Did I see a hint of relief from what might have been?