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Puddle Panties


Kathy Dingus

Desperately I searched and searched
But nowhere could I find
My baby sister left in my charge
Of her, I didnít mind.

Now watch your baby sister
My mother said to me
You know sheís into everything
Donít you just sit and read.

These ears of mine did not listen
And my eyes paid scant attention
Wanting to read instead
My new book in the kitchen.

Now where is she, my baby sis
Oh my, Iíve gone and lost her
My mom and dadís gonnaí kill me dead
If I canít seem to roust her.

I ran and ran and looked some more
All around the yard
I peered into the pasture
And peeked down at the barn.

She wasnít here, she wasnít there
I have no unsearched places
Oh wait, Oh wait, what do I see
There in our graveled driveway

Itís her, itís her, I jump for joy
My eyes, they shed a tear
Sheís sitting in a mud puddle
Washing out her underwear.

You may wonder why I wrote
This poem so fine and dandy
To this day, her nickname is
Miss Little ďPuddle PantiesĒ