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Pineapple Upside-down Me!

Kathy Dingus


Have you ever been so embarrassed that you wanted to bury you head in the sand like that ostrich? Well I have. It really wasn’t funny at the time…but as time passes it gets more amusing when I have to stop and be reminded of it.

My sister and I had made a real, honest to goodness on-line friend and I had a doctor’s appointment pretty close to where he and his wife lived, and they invited us to visit them. Now, we felt comfortable enough with our friends that we agreed to visit them and spend the weekend with them, and let ourselves be shown about the town. We were treated royally and were having a great time.

My friend knew that I had MS and didn’t sleep very well, and actually I explained to them before we went that I slept in a recliner, because if I slept in a bed, I had trouble moving after waking. So, he provided a recliner, with a nice feather mattress to go on top and everything. They had been so thoughtful. After a fun filled day…we settled in for the night, and I have to admit I did rest very well in that recliner, so well I slept in the next morning.

My friend was an early riser, as was my sister but I was snoozing away comfortably in that recliner, while my friend was having his morning coffee and reading the newspaper in the living room. I must have turned the wrong way in that recliner, because it slowly went backwards on me, but not in a fast way…slowly, so slowly I didn’t even wake up. Now...get a mental picture of me lying on my back in that recliner, all covered up in my wool blanket, with my feet up in the air. It must have been a scary sight because my friend was paralyzed. To make things worse...I was still snoozing away!

My sister happened to come down the hall at precisely that moment, and panicked when she saw me lying there…and ran over to help me up, not realizing that I was still asleep. My friend was just staring at me, not knowing what to do. When my sister saw my predicament and made some sort of exclamation, they both were galvanized into action.

I woke up when I heard my sister’s voice, realized what had happened…and I just covered my head! I couldn’t move to help myself so I thought no action was the best plan to take; hide my head in the sand, so to speak.

Our friend, we’ll call him Tunes, ran over to help my sister try to lift the recliner from the back. They both were laughing so hard, they weren’t being very productive in their efforts. Tunes hollered, “Get the camera!" And once again they were lost in laughter; all the while I was lying there praying that no one would really notice my predicament, or hoping that I was just having a bad dream.

Finally, they came to their senses and lifted me from the floor. My face was red as a beet, and my pride was greatly injured, but other than that, I was none the worse for wear.

You’ve never really lived until you’ve taken a tumble from your recliner and provided your sister and friends with such earth shattering humor. The bad part is…they don’t let you live it down. This tale has been spread far and wide…about as far as I and wide as I was in that recliner…so I have to laugh about it too.

I might get my head out the sand before I kick the proverbial bucket! But if I don’t, something else will probably happen that’s even more humorous, and yet again I will give my family and friends the gift of more side-splitting laughter.

Well…they do say laughter is the best medicine! I suppose for the laughee it is. I am still studying about the one they are laughing at. Does it really help them? I guess hearing the wonderful sound of laughter truly is a wonderful thing, even if it’s you that’s providing the entertainment.