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One Blink ~ You're Gone


Kathy Mullins Dingus


I hold back tears
I really need to let them flow
My heart was split today, again
I kissed and hugged my older son
He left home to live far away
Itís not fair, I shout!
Iíve spent all of this time raising, loving you
You can so easily turn away
Go forward into your future
Iíve always been the woman in your life
Iíve been replaced
Does she love you like I do?
Sheíd darn well better!
It seems like only yesterday
You put on your new backpack
Went to kindergarten with your hair all slicked back
Sporting your new tennis shoes
Huge, toothless smile on your face
I snapped a picture of you that day
To remember
Today, you had a backpack on your back
Guitar in your hand and a suitcase full of clothes
Merrily stashed them in your car
Smiled and waved goodbye
I took a picture of you today,
To cry over.
The tears are not for you
I realize they are for me
Go my son, I whimper softly
Spread your wings and soar!
Iíll look at your picture
And smile tomorrow.
For today my heart is broken.

Author's Comments:
"My son moved out today, officially. Now my nest is down two..."

© 2004