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Home To Me
(The Mountains)

Kathy Dingus


Photo by: James Hoyt Mullins

Babbling brooks
Thrashing leaves
Whisper sweetly
On the breeze
Hooting owls
Singing birds
Crows flying
Cawing their words

Imploring innocently
As if to say
Please come again
If you go away
Clambering cliffs
Swirling skies
Clouds float slowly
endlessly by

In love with me
You’ll one day fall
and dream of me
the seasons all
Your waking hours
Of me you’ll think
my babbling brooks
You’ll want to drink

Glimpses of snowflakes
Slowly drifting down
Soft summer rain
To wet the ground
The autumn breezes
In your head will be
Until you come back
Home to me

Until you come back
Home to me