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Hallows Eve

Kathy Dingus


Icy fingers wrap around my throbbing heart
Beating so fast and frantically that
My blood runs hot, steaming, and streaming
Through my veins as molten lava.

Icy breath chills my innocent soul and
Winds its way into the depths of my brain and
Through my ears as you whisper your evil words.
My teeth clack and chatter so hard I bite my tongue.

The stench of you pours into my senses
I stifle a gag, trying to control the nausea
As you slowly force me down, down
Toward your rotting house of death.

Overhead the moon is full,
But no light to speak of pours down upon us
I scream a primal, piercing scream
Through the thick foggy air
No help comes.

You pull me into your grave…
With a chilly smile on your bony face
Your bony jaws of death move and I hear,
As your wicked laughter
Takes away my last breath,
Trick or Treat…

Author's Comment:

I have never really liked Halloween. I was challenged by some poet friends to write one. Hopefully this will show my dislike for Halloween, and the evil sense in the "Spirit" of it.