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The Guardians

Kathy Dingus

Tall stately pines guard my driveway
As they’ve done for eighty plus years
I wonder just what they’ve seen and heard
In the years before I was here.

The birds they’ve sheltered in their branches
The squirrels that jump and play
The nests their limbs have snuggled
While their boughs have gently swayed.

Through all of nature’s seasons
They have steadfastly maintained
Their beautiful proud silhouette
Through snow, hail, wind and rain.

You might say this poem is simple
And right you well may be
But I’d sure miss those pine trees
If they weren’t here for me.

I’d feel open to the elements
Dust from the road would come
Into my yard and doorway
Into my windows, the sun.

You see my friend, these trees are precious
To the creatures of the woods
To me and my family
Wouldn’t trade them if I could.

This is an Ode to my Pine Trees
So stately and so proud
I appreciate their beauty
Thus, I award them now.