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The Great Adventure


Ariel Dawn Dingus

(This story was written by Ariel when she was in the 3rd grade)


One day my mom said, "You, your brother, Papaw Hoyt, Dad, Aunt Anna and Uncle Rick are going camping in Virginia at Skaggs Gap."

"Hooray", I said, but my brother wasn't very happy about the trip. A few days before we were going camping my brother got sick and couldn't go. He was happy, then.

A day or two later wer were packed and ready to go!

I was so excited! We drove to my Uncle Kenny Mullins' house and met up with my Aunt and Uncle Rick. My Uncle Kenny drive us up to the mountain and left us there. We put on our ponchos because it was raining and we did not want to get wet. We started walking. It was very steep but we made it. It was nice and pretty climbing up the mountain. The water on the rocks was so clear you couldn't see it!

It was nice to get under the dry cliff. We has salmon and steak for dinner that night, cooked over the fire. It tasted really good. After dinner wer went to sleep, non in a tent, but under a liff. The ground was as hard as a rock. When I got up the next morning, my Papaw said, "Come here Ariel, Arrowheards!"

He gave me one, and said "look for more." I found another arrowhead. Which I later thought he planted there for me to find. Then we went to a lake where we saw goldfish at least a footlong. They were gigantic! It's the first, first time I had seen fish that big. We found a cave to explore next to the lake. I went in and bumped my head while Pawaw was taking my picture.

Then we rested a few minutes and climbed to the top of the same cliff. I could see the lake and we climbed down and rested for a few more minutes. We started walking on top of the mountain where my Papaw put me in a tree at the edge and took a picture. I was scared and didn't want to di it. But Papaw really wanted to take the picture. He took a lot of other pictures and it was a lot of fun. Then we came down the mountain and we ate dinner and slept late, late the next morning. When we woke up, we packed and started for home.

On the way hike down the mountain, we found some dryland fish mushrooms and the very rare yellow lady slipper. We left the yellow lady slipper alone in the woods, but we picked the dryland fish mushrooms to my Uncle Kenny's house for him to fry and eat.

When I finally got home I was so happy I felt like I had won the lottery, of a thousand, million, trillion dollars! The Greatest Adventure of All!

My Papaw became sick that fall, and this last trip to the Skaggs Gap Cliff was to be his last one. Knowing this makes these memories most special to me.