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Early Games


Do you remember playing any of these games?

Round Town

A game played with four bases in a circle similar to baseball.

Straight Town
A game similar to round town except the bases were in a straight row.

Bull Pen
A game where players formed a circle with one side on the outside of the ring and the other side on the inside of the ring. Members of the outside ring would throw a ball at the inside ring. Anyone hit with the ball would go to the outside ring then the sides changed.

Stink Base
Two teams would chose up and face each other about 30 feet apart. Players on one side would try run around the other side without getting caught. If he was caught, he was put into the "stink" near the other side. If his side was able to retrieve him, he could go home again. If not, remained in the "stink" until all were captured.

Hull Gull

A player held chestnuts, beechnuts, or chinquapins in his hand and another player tried to guess how many was in the hand. If the guess was correct, the guesser got the items and if wrong he forfeited his items to the original player.

Ante Over

A ball game in which one team stood on one side of the school house and the other team stood on the other side. The first team called out loudly, "ante over" and the other team called out "ready." They then ran around the house and threw the ball in the crowd. Whoever was hit had to join the other team. Play continued this way until one team or the other was broken.