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Darkness Cries

Crowe Burns


Even in the dark you cry
Even in the dead of night
Something that you don’t see, then
You can only see it, when, when, when
You do believe in monsters, yes…
Even when you only guess
When you taste the fear you run
Then and there you shun, shun, shun
So then evil spirits, Flee! Flee! Flee!
When you hear the white trumpee!
So then and there you cannot bear
To hear it when Darkness Cries, Cries, Cries
Then see it in your eyes, eyes, eyes
Then you see what you despise
Behold, you see his or her demise
And The Healers slowly rise
Behold you see what you feel you must
The Healers, white, holy and just.
You feel the last breath rising
Then you see Satan’s demising
Hearing the white trumpets call
You bow on you knees and forward fall.

The End