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Baby Sister, to Best Friend

Kathy Dingus


Just think Sis, if it hadnít been for you I would have missed the chance to have a little sister who annoyed the heck out of me growing up. Everyone needs that experience.

If it hadnít been for you, Sis, I might have had more boyfriends to come around the house more often, without being accosted, made fun of the way they danced, being told they had purple tongues, hit them in the stomach and just generally ďpickedĒ on. HmmmmmÖI guess it all worked out. I found the right man anyway.

If it hadnít been for you Sis, I would never had the enjoyment of watching you ďkillĒ Cannon on the TV set with Papawís BB Gun. Oh boy, what a time that was. I even felt sorry for you that time, even though you were the baby of the family and got away with murder all the time anyway, even if you did kill Cannon!

If it hadnít been for you Sis, I would never had had the opportunity to watch my baby sister grow up and find the man of her dreams, participate in her wedding and feel so happy for you that I was just a little envious that you really did things right. You didnít mess up like I did the first time around.

If it hadnít been for you Sis, I would never had had the opportunity to witness a miracle, the birth of your baby. What a miraculous event that was, a tiny little bundle of energy born at 26 weeks, weighing a mere 1.5 pounds. We held each otherís hands during that time. Iíll never forget it.

If it hadnít been for you Sis, I wouldnít have known that we could stand by and watch our Dad fade away, yet somehow be there and nurse him as he did. When he drew his last breath we all held ours. We held hands and prayed together too. Thatís the cement of life. Love, even in the tough times holds us together.

If it hadnít been for you Sis, holding me up when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, there for all of my tests and lumbar punctures, laughing with me and supporting me, I would never have known that this disease actually means nothing. The love is the most important things.

If it hadnít been for you Sis, holding me up when my precious children were in that horrible car accident, driving me to the scene, and helping me hold it togetherÖI would still be shattered. Itís all about that cement thing againÖyou know.

If it wasnít for you Sis, continually sharing your love, calling and encouraging and dragging me out on new adventures I would shrivel like an old, old prune. I guess youíre my fountain of youth, and Momís too.

If it hadnít been for your sense of adventure Sis, I never would have ventured as far as I have, nor would I ever again, probably. I would never know how valuable as sister can be to my own children as they grow up. How they love you so. How I love you so.

Thanks SisÖfor letting me share life with you. Itís still an ongoing adventure.

Iím really glad that Mom and Dad found you in the cabbage patch.