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Kathy Mullins Dingus


I listen for your footsteps
Running down the hall,
I listen for your laughter
Your giggles and hurrahs!
The stillness is so hard to bear
Within these narrow walls
You're not here, you're somewhere else
I wonder if you're with God.

God is the keeper of our souls,
So I'm sure you must be with Him
He's the maker of our dreams,
So I know that I can see You
Anytime I want, just by simply,
Sleeping so peacefully
And allow myself to relive the times
When once I was within you.

We were one when God joined us
Together for a lifetime.
So sad that time ran out for you,
Before it became my time,
For I miss you so, and I strain to hear
The little sounds of you, dear...

The pounding of your footsteps running down the hall
Searching for your fingerprints against the pristine wall
Listening so intently for the sound of your glorious laughter
You chortling over all my friends and our unending chatter're not here, it's so hard to bear
My living in the "after".

Author's Comments:
"Living in the after...self explanatory!"

© 2004