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About The Author

Kathy Dingus is a wife and mother of three exuberant children. She has been married to a wonderful man, Thomas, for 24 years and currently resides in Clintwood, Virginia. Her parents, James Hoyt (now deceased) and Rachel Ann Mullins have been staunch supporters and her best friends.

She has varied and wide job experiences too numerous to mention on these pages, but mainly professes to love Jesus with all her heart and to spread that love to whomever needs it.

Sarah's Daughters is a small group of elderly women, Kathy is the youngest of age, at last count, but they make up for their lack of numbers with the size of their hearts.

Without their inspiration and encouragement these articles would never have been written, shared and passed onto friends who needed the same encouragement that Kathy herself needed to come out of the restraints of bondage and legalism.

Kathy is now free to experience and blossom under the full beauty and freedom of Jesus' never-ending grace and to help others realize just how free they truly are under the love of Jesus and not the law.

For three years, the local women's ministry group, lovingly called Sarah's Daughters, produced a newsletter, self-entitled, to help their members struggle with the changing tide of their religious beliefs from self-imposed legalism to freedom.

All too quickly, this newsletter grew like a wildfire, and soon became impossible for Kathy to continue to produce and publish on her own, although she still writes articles occasionally for other newsletters, hence the latest article additions.

Kathy also speaks publicly to church groups, women's groups or civic groups as a motivational, inspirational speaker and is often asked to do so.

Reflected within the pages of this book are Kathy's own personal struggles, as well as those of her family and close friends.

I hope you will find these articles and thoughts to be provoking and liberating as the loyal Sarah's Daughters Newsletter readers found them to be.

All works printed in this publication have been used with the express permission of the author, with the exception of some of the Internet stories sent to me with author unknown printed on them.

Every effort has been made to track down and give credit for these stories, but if anyone knows of an author of one of these stories, please contact us at once so the proper credit may be given.

This has been a collaborative work of friends, family and loved ones, and of course, the beloved Sarah's Daughters who inspired and encouraged these articles.

Kathy is now in the process of writing a book on her experiences growing up in the Appalachian Mountains.

To contact Kathy Dingus please e-mail: